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Double sided pcb

1. Layer :  1Layer ~ 2Layer 
2. Min Trace & Space :  4mil / 4mil 
3. Normal Material :  CEM-1,FR-4, High Tg FR4,Aluminium Core Etc
4. Thickness :  0.2mm ~ 2.4mm 
5. Cu(In/Ex) : 1 oz ~ 4Oz 
6. Finish :  OSP, HASL, Gold Plating, Immersion Gold
7. Min Hole :  0.25mm

We provide high quality,very competitive price and rapidly PCB service, and we are meet different requirements of techniques and customers needs:

we have advantage at double sides,four layers,multi-layers pcbs(1-12 layers)
Our quality assurance:  ISO9001, UL, Rohs compliance

We look forward to receiving your enquiry with gerber file, and assure you that your requirements will have our best and prompt attention