Product Main


Our product is a high-grade interior decorative material with slag fiber as the main raw material. The product excluding formaldehyde and asbestos, is green decorative material.
It can effectively control and adjust the indoor mixed sound, noticeably improve sound quality and reduce noise. In addition, the product characterized by good decorative performance, fire resistance and heat & cold insulation, can effectively save energy and beautify the environment.

The product is provided in different density(high density and low density), specifications and patterns with diversified artistic styles and meet different requirement.

Technical description:
1. Size: The metric syste (e. G.: 600mmX600mm, 600mmX1200mm),
The British system(e. G.: 610mmX610mm, 610mmX1220mm)
2. Thickness: 6mm-20mm
3. Density: High density(380kg/m3-420kg/m3), Low density(280kg/m3-320kg/m3)
4. Surface Finish: Factory-applied vinyl latex paint& holes design
5. Color: White
6. Edge Detail: Square Lay-in, Angled Tegular, Concealed, Shiplap
7. NRC: 0.40-0.60(based on the thickness and pattern)
8. CAC: Minimum 30**
9. Light Reflectance: Minimum LR 80%
10. RH Performance: High density(up to 95%), Low density(up to 90%)
11. Thermal Resistance: ≥ 0.23(M2. K)/W