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Huarun perforated metal company is located in  Anping  country  Hebei province which is largest wire meshes manufacturing base and have the noticeable fame of “The hometown of wire mesh”in China. Perforated metal is our key product. We are acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers in this industry due to our high quality products, reasonable price as well as our considerate service.
Quality is a state of mind. The automotive CNC perforating machine and an extensive range of die in stock enable us to manufacture the international market which has introduced the advanced “etching” equipment in addition, this equipment can make the hole  diameter up to 0.08mm.which meet your requirement for more high-accuracy products.
Perforated metal(punching panel) is wildely  used in Architecture, Noise  control, Filtration, Automotive and Transport, Electronics, Agriculture equipment, Pharmaceutical,  Audio because of the feature of controlling the passage of air, light, liquid, solids, heat and waves.used as decorative material,filter,acoustic panel,furniture,stationary,safety grating,bar grating,fence.
Customer’s satisfaction is our priority. Our staff is committed to a policy to ensure a continuous improvement to the product. If you have any special requirement for your products, please tell  us .Our experienced die experts will work closely with you to design the ISO9001 Quality and Management System, obtained the International Certification.  

The majority of perforated sheet metal comes in sheets between 16 and 24 gauge, which is perfect for designing. Perforated sheet metal with round holes is best use in ventilation, decoration, and protection. This design of perforated sheet metal has good strength-to-weight ratio. It is also available in corrosion resistant varieties. According to experts, perforated sheet metal has a greater, more predictable, and more accurate load bearing capacity than expanded metal or wire mesh.
Perforated sheet metal is commonly used to create screens, such as for screen doors, windows, or filters. This is because perforated sheet metal is quite easily manipulated. Architectural accents are also often made with perforated sheet metal because of its flexibility. Perforated sheet metal also adds to the character of a building or structure.
Often, home designers make alterations to house designs simply because they want to use perforated sheet metal. Such architectural design is evident in newer homes with metalworkings built into their designs. In fact, it is possible to purchase decorative perforated sheet metal, which is well suited to a wide range of architectural design applications.
Perforated sheet metal can also be used in developing acoustical panels. Recording studios and office buildings near large transportation venues generally have acoustical panels in order to muffle or keep out sound. Perforated sheet metal is particularly suited to this use because of the way the metal is made. The perforated areas actually “catch” the sound waves.
Vents and light fixtures are often made with perforated sheet metal because the material is lightweight and easily shaped. Many industrialized fixtures for large warehouses, as well as enclosures for animals, are made with perforated sheet metal. Almost every industry uses perforated sheet metal products. Often, companies mold perforated sheet metal to the specification of a customer. This is easy to do, considering that perforated sheet metal is so easy to use and to manipulate.