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hot-dipped galvanized wire, galvanized aluminum alloy wire, pvc-coated wire.

Gabion Size:
2m×1m×1m,3m×1m×1m,4m×1m×1m,2m×1m×0.5m,4m×1m×0.5m.Customer orders available.
Gabion Feature:

Zinc quantity: can reach 300g/square meter, Tensile of the wire: 350-550Mpa

The wire diameter is from 2.0mm to 4.0mm, PVC coated wire offers longer service life and better anti-corrosion property.


The gabion box or gabion basket is unfolded and laid on prepares ground. The kinks and creases in the boxes can be easily stamped out and leveled manually. The individual sheets are straightened flat and then systematically folded to form an exact rectangular shape. All the sides diaphragms are laced with lacing wire with lacing procedure. The boxes or group of laced boxes are positioned at the required location to match the structural design accurately.