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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: LISUN
Model Number: IS-MP
Diameter: 0.3~3.0M(According to customer's demand)


? Diameter: IS-0.3M (φ0.3m), IS-0.5M (φ0.5m), IS-1.0M (φ1.0m), IS-1.5M (φ1.5m), IS-1.75M (φ1.75m), IS-2.0M (φ2.0m). Other sizes can be designed according to the customer's request.
? The painting of integrating spheres is according to CIE Pub.No.84(1989)
? Material: Pure barium soleplate (BaSO4)
? BaSO4 coating: ρ(λ)≥0.96(450nm~800nm) and ρ(λ)≥0.92(380nm~450nm)
? Fine diffuse reflection: Reflectanceρ≈0.8 and accuracy of ρ(λ)<1.5%
? Build-in lighting holder position: The vertical is for E40, E27 and so on. The horizontal is for T5/T8/T12 tubes. The side assistant opening is for lighting fixtures
? Auxiliary lamp position has been built-in. Auxiliary lamp and Auxiliary lamp device are optional
? Power cable and socket has been build-in, it is convenient to power the testing lamp
? Two photo detector ports, one optical fiber port and temperature sensor hole are built-in
? The traditional integrating sphere is assembled by several pieces, Lisun Group developed A Molding Technology to produce the integrating sphere. A molding integrating sphere will be more round and the test results will be more accurate than the traditional integrating sphere

Integrating sphere theory and Applications:
The integrating sphere works with a Spectroradiometer to do the photometry, colorimetry and radiometry parameters measurement:
? IS-0.3M/IS-0.5M is suitable for LEDs, LED modules, High Power LED, mini bulbs and other small lamps. The flux testing range is 0.001 to 1,999 lm
? IS-1.0M is for suitabe CFL or LED bulbs. The flux testing range is 0.1 to 199,990 lm
? IS-1.5M/IS-1.75M is suitable for CFL, LED bulb and tube, fluorescent lamp, CCFL. The flux testing range is 0.1 to 1,999,900 lm
? IS-2.0M is suitable for HID lamps or other high power lamps. The flux testing range is 0.1 to 1,999,900 lm