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CSL-B Hydraulic Broaching machine for Impact Test Specimen
I. Application & Features:
This machine adopts hydraulic drive double-broach structure, which has the advantage that it can process two specimen notches at the same time: one V-notch and one U-notch (Two V-notch or two U-notch are also ok, special orders can be met according to customers ‘requirements). No matter to process V-notch or U-notch, it is not necessary to change the broach, and it only takes 8 seconds to finish one process. It is easy to operate, and the processed V-notch and U-notch conform to GB2106-80 “Charpy (V-notch) Impact Testing Method” and “Charpy (U-notch) Impact Testing Method”, as well as ASTM E23, ISO148, ISO083 and so on.
U type and V broaches are all made with W18Cr4V material to assure its high rigidity, good wearable. Each broach can machine sample 20000 times.
Each broach can process as many as 20,000 specimens, if it can be used correctly in the operation process.
This machine is a necessary equipment in metallurgy, boiler pressure vessel, vehicle &. ship, construction machinery production and scientific research rationalize test room.
Ⅱ. Main Technical Parameters
i. Notch: V Type, U Type
ii. Dimensions of specimen: 10 x 10 x 55mm
iii. Travel of the broach: 350mm
Broaching speed: 2.5m/min
Broach material: W18Cr4V
iv. Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, 0.37kW
v. Out dimension: 600×400×1400 mm
vi. Weight: 200kg