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Equipment summary

This equipment is designed according to relevant national occupational standards and industry standards, combining with training objectives for "CNC technology and its application", "Manufacturing Technology", "electrical and mechanical equipment installation and maintenance," "mechanical assembly", " mechanical equipment assembly and automatic control" and other professionals in vocational schools and technical colleges. It is used for developing students’ skills including reading and drawing assembly diagram and parts diagram, fitter basic operations, parts and machinery assembly techniques and adjustment, and assembly quality inspection etc, and improving students’ employment capacity in the positions like the first line technique assembly and implementation in the mechanical manufacturing company and the relevant industry, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair, mechanical manufacturing quality analysis and control, and grass-root production management etc.
Training projects
Training on the fitter basic operation skills: Ruling skill training, filing skill training, sawing skill training, drilling skill training, tapping and threading screw skill training, scraping skill training;
Assembly and adjustment of transmission box: Assemble and adjust bearings, axis, keys, sliding gear, and box etc. according to assembly diagram and technologies.
Assembly and adjustment of speed reducer: Assemble and adjust sprockets, bevel gear, gear, and box etc. according to assembly diagram and technologies.

Assembly and adjustment of intermittent rotary worktable: Assemble and adjust worm and worm gear, four-slot sheave, friction wheel, bearings, and support pillar etc. according to assembly diagram and technologies.

Assembly and adjustment of crank connecting rod and cam mechanism: Assemble and adjust crank connecting rod, rack and pinion, cam guide rod, and parallel double-crank etc. according to assembly diagram and technologies.
Assembly and adjustment of two-dimensional worktable: Assemble and adjust linear guides, ball leading screws, bearings, and support pillar etc. according to assembly diagram.
Assembly and adjustment of mechanical transmission: Assemble and adjust belt transmission machinery, chain transmission machinery, and gear transmission machinery.
Operation and adjustment of mechanical system: According to overall assembly diagram, assemble each unit into a system, and adjust according to requirements to achieve intended functions.
System compositions and functions
This equipment is mainly composed of training table, control system, mechanical assembly and commissioning objects (mechanical transmission mechanism, multi-scale transmission box, two-dimensional worktable, intermittent rotary worktable, three-axis gear transmission, right angle allocator, crank connecting rod and cam mechanism etc.), common fitter tools, and Common measuring tools etc.
Training table: includes two parts, operation area and mechanical assembly and commissioning area, with iron double-level matt microgroove spray plastic structure. The operation area is mainly composed of solid wood terrace and rubber mats, used for fitters to process and assemble various mechanical components. The mechanical assembly and commissioning area uses nodular cast to operate terrace. Students can assemble and adjust various mechanical mechanisms on it.

Mechanical transmission mechanism: is mainly composed transmission mechanisms including synchronous belt, chain, gear, rack, worm, crank connecting rod, cam, slot wheel, friction wheel, and ball leading screws etc. Students master common and typical skills of assembly and adjustment of mechanical transmission mechanisms by installing, adjusting, and testing on the platform.

Multi-scale transmission box: has double-axis three-level variable speed output. One of the axis output has reversing function, and the top has plexiglass protection. It is mainly composed of box, gear, spline axis, distance bushing, keys, angular contact bearings, deep groove ball bearings, retainer, terminal caps, and manual transmission mechanism etc. It can complete assembly technology training of multi-scale transmission box.

Two-dimensional worktable: is mainly composed of ball leading screws, linear guide, terrace, pads, bearings, support pillar, and terminal caps etc. It is divided to two levels, the upper level and the lower level. The upper level is controlled manually. The lower level is controlled by multi-scale transmission box through gear driving, realizing that the worktable operates back and forth. The limit switch is installed on the worktable for limit protection. It can complete assembly technology and precision detection training of linear guide, ball leading screws, and two-dimensional worktable. In addition, it cooperates with an automatic transmission friction wheel and an output axis end of multi-scale transmission box to achieve infinite speed changing.
Speed reducer: is mainly composed of straight toothed spur gear, bevel gear, angular contact bearings, deep groove ball bearings, support pillar, axis, terminal caps, keys etc. It can complete the speed reducer assembly technology training.
Intermittent rotary worktable: is mainly composed of four-slot sheave mechanism, worm and worm gear, thrust ball bearings, angular contact bearings, terrace, and holder etc. It realizes intermittent rotation function after the multi-scale transmission box is divided by chain transmission, gear transmission, worm and worm gear transmission, and four-slot sheave mechanism. It can complete assembly and adjustment training of worm and worm gear, four-slot sheave, and bearings etc. In addition, it has radial friction wheel rotation.
Crank connecting rod and cam mechanism: is mainly composed of crank connecting rod, cam, gear, rack, parallel double-crank rod, holder, and terrace etc. It realizes the functions of cam and crank connecting rod transmission, and gear and rack transmission. It can complete the assembly and adjustment training for vice-cam, vice-crank connecting rod, vice-gear and vice-rack, parallel double-crank rod, and bearings.

Power source: is configured with AC speed regulation motor, speed regulator, and power control box, which provides the mechanical system power source. The power control box has power interface of speed regulator motor and limit switch interface.

Assembly and commissioning tools: are mainly composed of fitter assembly toolkits, bench vice, ruling plate, Rama, copper rods, and chain cutter. The toolkits are composed of toolbox, Allen wrench, solid wrench, adjustable wrench, file, tap, tap wrench, marking gauge, drift pin, hammer, screw die, screw die holder, screwdriver, saw bow, needle nose pliers, and pincer pliers etc.
Common measuring tools: are mainly composed of caliper, universal angle ruler, angle rule, dial indicator, micrometer, and feeler etc. Students can master the use of common measuring tools and test methods of mechanical assembly by using the tools to measure.
Technical performance of products
Input power: single-phase three-wire AC220V±10% 50Hz;
One AC velocity regulation motor:  rated power 90W, Gearbox ratio 1:30;
Size of training equipment Size: 1800mm × 700mm × 825mm;
Security protection: leakage current protection, the security is in accordance with national standards.