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Is the horn of metal wire weaving fractal nets (lujuewang), the use of columned made of metal line diameter is according to the size of the tiles are different. If the wire hexagonal metal coating, then use line diameter to 2.0 mm to 4.0 mm metal line, if is PVC coated wire weaving lujuewang, then use outside diameter for 3.0 mm to 4.0 mm of PVC (metal) line of line. Outer frame edge than hex cable is used no.1 line coarse.
Stone cage box-like by big norms lujuewang coupling and become, construction of rocks into its cage only can. Sealing
Specification: stone cage 2m x x x 1-m 1-m, 3m 1-m x 4m x 1-m, 2m x 1-m x 1-m, 1-m x 0.5 m, 4m x x 0.5 m, the 1-m can also according to customer request for the production. Surface protection condition has galvanized zinc alloy, and coated PVC etc.
2. The purpose: stone cage nets
· control and guide rivers and floods
Flood dam, dam and diversion
Fine protection,
· prevent soil erosion
· bridge protection
· hold the soil structure
· coastal defense works
· port engineering
· retaining wall
· road protection