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    The full name of twin layers oil tank is “Steel and Fiberglass Reinforced Twin Layers Tank”, first originated in United States of American, and introduced to Japan by TAMADA CO., LTD. And modified in 1994; in the same year, Japanese market defined the product as “Steel and reinforced fiberglass twin layers oil tank”, set up relative regulations, and extended the application gradually. According to the statistics, the application rate on gasoline in Japan, European and American countries rapidly increased from 7.1% in 1985 to 95% at the end of 2010.
    The reason for so rapid spread in market is it has incomparable safe, environment protection and economic property than normal single layer tank. The inner Steel tank and outside Fiber Reinforced tank compose S/F twin layer underground oil storage tank. It is patented product manufactured with professional equipment. Between the inside steel layer and outside reinforced fiberglass layer, there is a uniform interlayer space, high-grade leakage inspection device is connected with the interlayer space, monitoring the leakage of the tank all the time.
    S/F Twin layer oil tank has the following characteristics:
   Ⅰ. Safety
    1. Inner layer---made by 6-8mm thickness Q235-B steel plate.
    2. Outside layer—Fiberglass Reinforced layer, thickness ≥ 4mm, compressive resistance to shock. Good property of corrosion resistance and electrical erosion resistance.
    3. We adopt a patent processing method to produce gap of 0.1mm between the two layers, which is the leakage inspection layer, connected with a high-grade leakage inspection device, monitor 24 hours from time to time. This can eliminate the risk of the leakage.
    Ⅱ. Environmental Protection
   1. Outside FRP layer ensures the leak material does not directly contaminated soil and water;
   2. Outside FRP layer won’t be corroded by electrolysis with groundwater, salt water;
   3. Outside FRP layer can’t be corroded by Gasoline, diesel, leaded petrol.
   4. Easy to install leakage inspection device, just insert the probe into the inspection tube and connect to external monitor equipment to achieve 24 hours monitor from time to time. Eliminate pollution risks.
   5. Easy inspection and maintenance with leakage inspection device protect soil and water environment.
   6. Effective protection of the environment eliminates the need for post-high economic costs of environmental protection.
    Ⅲ . Economic Practicality
    1. Service life of the S/F twin layer oil tank is much longer, 3-5 times of the normal steel oil tank, 50 years minimum. Easy installation can shorten the construction period and reduce the cost.
    2. With remote monitoring system, daily and regular inspection is convenient. Digital
control is easy to operate.
    3. The protection needs of S/F twin layer oil tank is 1/10 of the normal steel oil tank, saving maintenance cost.
    4. Compared to the normal oil tank, the S/F twin layer oil tank has much higher usage rate, high efficient use ensures performance price ratio.
    5. S/F twin layer oil tank has efficient economy and efficient environmental performance. Can efficiently protect energy; exempt the serious harm and loss caused by oil leakage.
    In addition to the above characteristics, twin layer oil tank can store other dangerous liquids. We can manufacture many types of similar products by same process, used widely in underground storage room, sink etc.
    Beside the national standards, Japanese standard is also adopted; the type/form can also meet the requirement of domestic customer, achieve that the product from China reach the international level.