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VCM steel sheet
2 high gloss effect /matt effct
4 environmental friend 
PVC Film Laminated Steel Sheet For Refrigerator 
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pvc coated  door steel sheet

VCM metal sheet: is a kind of film laminated metal sheet, based on metal sheet and coated with light or matt PVC film.
Base metal: 0.3mm ~ 1.2mm thickness of cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum alloy sheet and other metal sheets.
Category: light VCM and matt VCM
light VCM
Performance advantages:have colorful surface patterns, have high decorative effect ,have a high gloss surface, with wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, easy-wash and good processability properties.
Matt VCM
Performance advantages:matt surface with wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high simulation effect and high decorative properties.
Structural diagram:   protective film
                                 PET layer(just for light VCM)
                                 Printed pattern layer
                                 Adhesion layer
                                 PVC film
                                 Adhesion layer
                                 Chemical treatment layer
                                 base metal
                                 Chemical treatment layer
                                 back coat
Application:Our products is widely used in home appliances such as refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, sterilizer, and also in ship making, indoor decoration, elevator, transportation, kitchen utensils ,ceiling etc.
Main technical parameters:
BASE METAL: According to customers’ requests:
COAT FILM:  0.15~0.18 thickness of PVC film
PROTECTIVE FILM:  Self-adhesive protective film
BACK COAT: 3~10 um, and can paint conductive back coating according to customers’ requests
PLATE PACK: according to customers’ request, width≤1350 mm, length≤4000mm, can be cut according to customers' choice
COIL PACK: width≤1350 mm,  N.W./COIL ≤5 T,  Inner Diameter:φ510 mm.