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Microcomputer-Typed Detector of Anti-distributed Capacitive Type Direct current Grounding
  With continuous improvement of 20 years, it keeps the advanced technology and creates the domestic origination.
Technological characteristics:
It is a new generation invented on the basis of HRZJ1 and HRZJ2 type.
1. It is possible to find out one-point or multi-point abort situation without installation, electrical cutting, and insulated pumping.
2. It directly displays grounding resistance data, which is convenient to master insulating condition. Range: 0-99KΩ
3. It directly displays grounding electrical capacity data, which is convenient to master electrical capacity disturbing condition. Range: 0-99uKor 0-99KΩ.
4. Directly displaying the grounding direction can lead the instructors to search rapidly.
5. It can adjust to the AC& DC looping current grounding, token-ring power supply grounding, and diode isolation power supply grounding.
6. Referring to semiconductor light grounding, it is easier to find out complicated signal loop.
7. Pliers with “heart-shape” designing, it shares the big or small lines without changing pliers.
8. 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V direct current system shares a suit of direct current grounding detector.
9. Detecting sensitivity: ≥50KΩ, both index and numerical display is available, which is easy to judge. Special requirement can reach ≥100KΩ
10. Accuracy: 100%
11. Anti-electrical capacity disturbance: >1200KΩ/uF
12. Signal output power: <0.15w, containing protection of current limitation, which has no influence on relay protection of power system, and automatic or operative loop, using safely.
13. Signal frequency stability: ±0.02Hz
14. Dimension of signal generator: 280mm(width)×100mm(height)×300mm(depth)
15. dimension of portable machine: 126mm(width)×70mm(height)×156mm(depth)
16. Deluxe Copper-aluminum Outer package is easy to carry.
17. AC & DC power supply: AC/DC 220V