Product Main


(1) ISO 9001 & CE Certificate
(2) Low noise
(3) Modularization design, easy to install and adjust
(4) Competitive price
Technical Specification
Rang of the Door
Door leaf max weight
90kg x 2
Power Supply
AC (AC220±10%), 50-60 Hz
Opening Speed
100-700mm/s (adjustable)
Closing Speed
100-500mm/s (adjustable)
Creep speed
30-100mm/s (adjustable)
Hold-open time
0-9s (adjustable)
Hold-Close Force
Manual Pushing Force
Power consumption
Ambient temperature
Beautiful and delicate arc outlook matches with crystal transparent glass door leaves makes the door a harmonious beauty. The radius can be customized according to different needs to ensure a safe,comfortable and quiet entrance.
Functional Features
Intelligence-Configured with built-in intelligent micro-computer control chip to achieve automatic process. It precisely proceed openning and closing speed, holding time once these parameters have been set by the users;
Reliability-Internationally used brushless DC motor integrated with worm gear reducer possesses high efficiency, long life span, reliable and low noise characteristics.
Safety-Selective safe sensor devices completely eliminate the clamping danger. The program won’t disorder even if someone pulls/pushes the door leaves. The door leaves will move reversely if there is any object approching the door during its closing procudure.
Outstanding Access Control Devices-Remote control adapter realizes open,halp open,lock and automatic operation options easily.And can match other optional access controllers to realize access control,networking checking attendance,security monitoring and other all-dimensional intelligent functions.
Noise Insulation Design-Upgraded design of transmission modules form a precise structure,which enable the door moves more brisk, and reduce the noise at the same time;
Energy Saving-Open sensitive,closed timely,minimize the air circulation between the internal air-conditioning environment and outdoor environment, maintain constant temperature indoors.
Environmental Protection-Double-door interlock structure can reduce indoor cleasing air spillover out, prevent cross contamination, meet energy saving requirements and noise insulation needs.