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Magnesium Oxide Board Production Automatic  line
Automatic kind:
  1. Production line has good design, reasonable structure, stable running and using dual-channel roll-style system. It is shaped in one time and has stable thickness. Also it has higher yield. With a vibration device, it eliminates the inside and outside bubbles.  It can produce 2-60mm thickness MOG board. And the widest is 1300mm, for the length, there is no limits, and can adjust the thickness as required.
  2. The equipment can have many uses. It can produce the simulation ash board, imitation red/white elm board, Oak panels, fireproof relief door board, ceiling board and wall murals etc.
  3. Simulation Ash board, it has high quality cooperation with wood ash board appearance.  Can do further work such as nail, sawing, planning, and sticky. Size: 1200*2440*3mm (can adjust). Daily can produce 200-1200 pcs according to different devices.
  4. Fire Relief door board: has ability of fire resistant, moisture resistant, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Also can do nail, sawing, plane, sticky work. The cost is half of wooden door board. The imitation of Europe and classical three-dimensional pattern is very elegant and antique.
  5. Decorative Wall Murals: first get board from laminator machine, veneer on above and then finish to produce landscapes, insects and fish paintings. The biggest size is 1200*2500mm.
  6. For MOG Board Production line, there are several departments: produce departments, finished products department and raw materials department.  Workers need: 3-6   
  7. Electricity: 1.1—10KW
  8. Machines: High-speed mixer, 500type raw materials mixer, pulverizer, mould receiving machine, raw materials lifter, forming machine, foaming machine, oil-spreading machine, automatic cutter, double location receiving board system, automatic board-unloading unit, mould-cleaning machine, automatic four-edge cutting machine, dust-collection system, operation platform, PLC self-controlling system
  9. There are many mould machines for customer to chose. Also can buy single machine.
10.   Buying the production line includes the technology transferring costs.
11.   Cultivate 2 technicians for customer side, and time is 7 days.