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Welding machine
Plasma welding machine
Plasma welding machine

Welding machine
Automatic plasma silicon steel welding machine features:
1, adopt microbeam plasma welding power source overcome ordinary argon arc welding is easy to burn tungsten needle often change tungsten needle waste a lot of time cannot achieve batch production phenomenon;
2, The welding temperature is higher during welding speed seam no (rarely) after welding seam carbonized phenomenon fracture toughness high not easy.
3, Adopt CANWIN practical new-type patent: automatic splicing clip bed, realize the workpiece loading fast, high quality, welding to seaming self-create of operating workers demands, low and operating comfort higher characteristic.
Welding principle:
1. Plasma is an efficient welding power source, the welding temperature of 17000 degrees, arc fine and long, however small, hot penetrating, especially suitable for 1 millimeter silicon steel welding below. Plasma welding machine by plasma power, plasma gun, plasma generator, water cycle system formed.

2. LH - 30 automatic welding power source including dc welding and plasma auxiliary power, two power have excellent vertical outside characteristics, so as to ensure and plasma arc welding forerunner arc very stable. Using ultra high-speed switching frequency power devices, this power can provide 200HZ pulse frequency. Through the high-frequency pulse current peak and base value of fast converting speed, can increase since compression function of electric arc, can raise arc penetration ability, thereby ensuring weld guangzhou2005 moulding beauty, quality is reliable.