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Trunk CATV amplifier, 2-output, forward path frequency 87-862MHz, PHILIPS amplifier module, fixed plug-in ATT and EQ, output level 106 dBuV, gain 34dB, AGC pilot frequency 168.25MHz, return path frequency 5-65MHz, gain 20dB, diplex filter 65/87 (other freq. split is available), imperial F type female port, outdoor waterproof housing, AC135~250V (power cord with EURO (2 pole with GND) or USA standard plug (3 pole)) or 60V....
Key Features
● Push-Pull and Power Doubler module.
● High gain, high output level and low non-linear. 
● Plug-in fixed attenuator and equalizer (0~20dB). 
● Two outputs with plug-in splitter or 1-tap. 
● Different frequency split is specified by clients. 
● Local and remote powering available. 
● Weatherproof and RF-screened die-cast housing.