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Environment-friendly Halogen-free Fireproof Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, Used in Electronic Fields
Standard: UL224  VW-1
Newly developed environment-friendly fireproof heat shrinkable tube, using specially designed formulation of high polymers, through cross-link by electronic accelerator and continuous expansion
Environment-friendly, flexible, fireproof, quick shrink, and stable performance
Widely used in field of electronics, communication, and automobile
Does not contain eight heavy metal elements and four halogen elements
Passed SGS test
Does not contain organic stannum compound, asbestos, Azo-compounds, and formaldehyde
Temperatures: -55 to 125℃.
Shrinkable temperatures: start at 70℃ and shrunk totally at 110℃ (for thin wall) or 120℃ (for normal wall)
Longitudinal shrink ratio: ≤±5%
Sizes: Φ0.6 to 180mm or customized
Used oven or heating gun and it will shrink
RoHS approved
Standard colors: black, red, yellow, green, and purple