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K95 Stun guns is multifunctional tool for your personal security. With 1,200,000 volt,the K95 type Cell Phone Stun Guns has a unique design which will gives you a tactical advantage.
K95 stun gun looks just like a normal cell phone, it will be easy to surprise an attacker. The K95 cell phone type stun guns is a non-lethal self defense products, the most important usage of K95 stun gun is to give you time to quickly escape.
Main Function: High voltage electric shock Strong LED illumination Specifications
1. Source voltage: 4.8 V
 2. Size: 110 ×50 ×22 (mm)
3. Current consumption: 1.9A(for electric shock) 0.8A (for illumination)
 4. Environmental temperature: -5F~113 F 5. Relative humidity: 30C (20-30%)
6. Inner packing Measurement: 150×90×45mm
 7. Gross weight/Net weight: 235g/120g  

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