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ZA-2010 on-line Oxygen Concentration Meter represents the up-to-date technology for oxygen measurement, the intrinsic safe probe has the performance of high precision, resistance against corrosion of weak acid and weak base, therefore, it can be used for measurement of oxygen content in many domains.
    The sensor of ZA-2010 was powered by the fuel battery with the up-to-date tchnology, and its life term is beyond 3 years.
The innovative design of battery is to output with negative signal, and the loss of energy and leakage of electricity quantity are reduced. The battery is not affected by other background gas or hydrocarbon and acid gases.
In order to make the use of ZA-2010 more reliable, we have designed a perfect sampling system, which can effectively remove impurity and moisture, meanwhile, in order to match with site installation, the sampling system can be selected according to the actual circumstance on site.
Main features
l          Explosion-proof with intrinsic safe type sensor unit
l          High precision, anti-interference, quick response speed
l          Touch screen, LCD operation and control, Chinese & English menu display
l          Stable performance, firm and reliable
l          Special-purpose acid and alkali pretreatment sampling system
l          Display onsite and remotely
Technical parameters
0…2%  O2
Response time
20 seconds
Analog output
4…20mA (maximum load 800Ω)
Alarm output
DC24V 1A (two-way alarm output, independent programming is available)
Operation temperature
Degree of protection
Intrinsic safe
Ex iaⅡC T3
Installation mode
Control unit
Plate mounting onto the control cabinet
Sampling system
Wall mounting to the site
dimension: 600mm×450mm×70mm (9kg)