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Continuous Operating Temp. 1800°F    982°C                
Highest short exposure temp. 3000°F  1650°C
SiO2  Purity ≥98%
Width (mm) 860, 1000, 1200 
Rated Voltage 7KV ~10KV
Structure blanket  is braided of high silica 
Reactions Resists most acids, oil & water
Clasp and zipper can be added if in need.
Design Capabilities Keep the stable strength and ductility even continuous exposed under high temperature
Application Widely used in metallurgy, electricity, coal, air and chemical industrial
1.Silica cloth can resists most acids, oil & water
2.Clasp and zipper can be added if in need.
3.Silica cloth is high temperature fabric used for a wide range of insulation and protection applications in industry, excellent heat resistance.
4.Silica cloth is a special fiberglass cloth which contains more than 96% silicon dioxide, loss on Ignition less than 10%, it can withstand continuous temperatures of 1000 D.C. for long periods of time, and instantaneous temperatures of up to 1600 D.C. 
5.Silica fabric is primarily used in hot work such as welding and burning operations. It is useful for high temperature thermal and electrical insulation in severe application environments.