Product Main


[Process] handmade products
   [Material] Metal / Iron

  [Product specification] (depending on your actual needs to order)



[Color] black, bronze, white, etc. (color according to customer preferences for deployment)


[Product Description] fashion iron, generous and practical, clean and beautiful for your home to add a modern color.

[Product] Iron Products rust rust process: electrophoresis> primer> electrostatic spray> 180 degrees bake> (effect paint).
[Care instructions] with a cloth dampened in a mild detergent to fully scrub. With a clean dry cloth

In the modern environment, decoration, decorative wrought iron to get more and more people of all ages. Iron is used in the past in a different building components, and now, has been used as a decorative iron into the home environment. Iron from the practical to the decorative features of the changes reflect a change in aesthetic values ??that changed from the material values ??of spiritual values??, into a diversified from the traditional aesthetic values??. Moreover, with the further development of the economic subjects of technology, creative form of iron and are applicable to more diverse, technology, art forms will be more abundant. Its composition will also be away from the traditional style pattern, showing more humanistic philosophy. Among the product features, technology, art, decorative and will rub together skillfully, showing a perfect shape.