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High mechanical strength,good heat and color resistance,good sealing property,resistance to many common chemical&aging
Product features:
1, high mechanical strength
2, good heat and cold resistance (-70 to 260)
3, good sealing property;
4, resistance to many common chemicals & aging ;
6, Non-toxic, environmentally friendly;
7, the working temperature can be increased up to 900 with the substrates of high silica glass fabric;
Applications :
1, safety curtains, heater covings in the wide range of industries applications ,civil construction & transportation vehicles
2,joint expansion, heat pneumatics tube in the electricity, chemical, cement, iron, oil industries;
3,electric insulation tapes, sleevings in the environments of high grade electric insulation;
4,high silica glass coated fabric can be used in high temperature .
Silicone rubber fiber glass cloth Specifications:
Width: 1000 mm -2200 mm
Thickness: 0.2 mm -3.0 mm
Weight: 200 g/m2_2800 g/m2
Colors: red, yellow, White, black, gray or customized