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Wireless Smoke Detectors>Photoelectric wireless smoke detectors CX-2200R


Photoelectric wireless smoke detectors CX-2200R>Brief Description

1.Photoelectric wireless smoke detector
2.Independent/network/wireless output (optional)
3.Low consumption, self-check

Photoelectric wireless smoke detectors CX-2200R>Features :

◎Audible and visual alarm then detect the smoke over limit and send alarm signal to alarm center in the meantime
◎Independent/network/wireless output (optional)
◎Low consumption, self-check
◎Audible and visual alarm, ceiling mounting.

Photoelectric wireless smoke detectors CX-2200R> Specifications :



power input

Operating voltage: 6VDC

static current: 20μA ~40μA

alarm current: 20mA

battery life

Around 12 months and it depends on battery quality and using status

self-check battery

Flash twice every 15 seconds to warn low battery condition and send low-battery signal to wireless receiver.

Emitting frequency


Alarm volume

85DB at 10 feet

Emitting range

100 meter(in the open air)

Tamper switch

Tamper alarm

Operating environment

Temp.: -5℃至50℃

Relative humidity: ≤95%RH