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JXDH-6602 stand alone scrambler is applied in the simultcrypt scrambling of input code stream. It can send fixed or agile word scrambling according to transport stream.   The built-in simulcrypt synchronization controller transmits the exchange information with ECMG. When integrated with CA, the scrambler adjusts crypto period appropriately in order to make decoder function normally. This is highly integrated equipment for digital TV scramble.
* DVB general scrambling system description ETR289;
* DVB Scramble designated program or transport stream;
* Comply with DVB standard arithmetic, supports simultcrypt, compatible with multi- CA system;
* Comprehensive MPEG code stream analysis;
* Re-process PSI/SI information from TS;
* Channel protection for ASI output;
* Bit rate auto adaption, PCR reset and re-marks;
* Remote real-time monitor of transport stream;
* Auto switch and input backup
* Pocket format: auto adaption of 188/204 bit rate
* Network monitor
* PCR correction
JXDH-6303 4 in1 QAM Modulator is a high performance device researched by Chengdu Jiexun Electronics Co., Ltd., integrate 4 routes QAM modulating carrier outputs, support 4 ASI inputs or DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-T standard RF input(selectable built-in tuner), after 4 separate encoding and modulating, then RF out directly in high performance.
Support local and remote control to adjust the device parameter, equal to 4 individual QAM modulators, so cost and space saved.
Fully support EN300 429/ITU-T J.83A
4 adjacent channel QAM modulating carrier Output
4 ASI inputs, support 188/204 byte TS package
 Support DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-T RF Input (optional)
Support PCR accurately correct
Constellation: 16QAM,32QAM,64QAM,128QAM,256QAM
Symbol Rate: 5.0Mbps~7.0Mbps
Support NIT insert, update
 RF output frequency: 48MHz~860MHz,
RF output Level: -16dBm~0dBm,stepping at 0.5dB step
LCD display panel to operate
Support network management (NMS)