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Brand Name: CMOLO
Color: customized
mesh size: None
Mesh wire diameter: None
Geotextile: None
Model Number: CPW-331DDS
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Sliding Gate Turnstile CPW-331EGS developed by CMOLO operates quite swiftly and safely, it is very suitable for area where there is a large flow of people for the high-end occasions.

1. the machine organically integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technologies, conveniently compatible with access control system, barcode cards, biology identification equipment.

2. the machine provides a high level of security and high capacity by adopting reliable security protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators etc.

3. Function Specifications:

1) both directions can be set as controlled mode or free mode.

2) NO mode & NC mode can be switched over by users easily & freely.

3) Self-recovery function: the machine will recovery automatically with invalid counting if passage is not completed within pre-set time (5 seconds default, adjustable by software).

4) Self-examine Function: It is convenient for users to maintain and use.
Tailgating-detection function.

5) Intruding-alarm function.

6) Anti-pinch function: Protection against finger entrapment and personal injury.

7) Emergency-escape function: the obstacles will open automatically by pressing the emergency button which can be remote-controlled whether the power is on or not.

Technical Parameters
Power and voltage AC 220V / AC 85 ~ 230V Operation voltage DC 24V
Machinery mechanism MTHT? Lossless
Driving motor DC brushless motor
Communication interface RS485 / RS232
Control input/output 6 channels switching value output (12V and 24V dry contact signals) / 4 channels
Passing speed 30 ~ 45 people / min Working
Operation temperature -15 ~ 60 Centigrade Humidity temperature 0 ~ 95% (non-condensation)

 CE Passed Full High Sliding Gate Turnstile CPW331EGS