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Main Features
       Main Applications: For hopper weighing scale (with 4 alarm/setpoint outputs, and 3optional operating modes: “Material Level Upper and Lower Limit Alarm”Mode, “Weight>Setpoint Output”Mode, “Weight<Setpoint Output”Mode).
        Also suitable for platform scale, pallet truck scale, crane scale and grab scale which are with the fuction of manual/auto net weight totalizing and batch count.
        EMC design with high anti-jamming capability, suitable for industrial environments.
        Green VFD digital display with English character display.
        Menu&Shortcut mode operation with key tone.
        24-bit High-precision and high-speed ∑-△A/D conversion module with 130,000 internal code [AD value] used and 200Hz sampling frequency.
        Special filtering algorithm for ensuring the weighing stability and occuracy when there is  strong vibration on the load receptor, and the rapid response capability when the weight signal changes.
        Max. Connection Quantity: 8 Loadcells (350Ω).
        Data Calibration and Load Calibration available.
        Auto-locking, Key-locking, Key-unlocking, digital setting&calibration and I/O testing available.
        One definable weight analog signal output [AO: 4~20mA].
        Three definable normally open switch inputs [DI] and five definable normally open relay switch outputs [DO].
        Two optional communication ports for linking to IPC/PLC, remote display&operation terminal, serial printer, wireless module, etc.
        Support industry configuration software, e.g. iFix.
        Weighing records and accumulative reports can be printed.
With the multitasking mode, the weighing&control process will not be interrupted by parameter setting and other operations.