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Steel silo forming machine,steel silo making machine,spiral steel silo machine is for producing spiral/helix steel silos by strong seaming, not by welding or assembling.
This machine adopts special technology for spiral steel silo, helix steel silo by very strong seaming, not welded or assembled. The technology is same to Lippo Germany. Such steel silo can replace concrete silo in most projects, with much shorter production period and less project cost.
This machine can form 2-4mm thick, 495mm wide galvanized steel, stainless steel or special steel materials into spiral /helix steel silos in diameter 4-50m, for storing corn, paddy, grain, cement, water, chemical materials, etc.
We can supply machine, technology, know-how, technician service, even turn-key project.
The principle of spiral of folding
The construction technique of Lipp silo is the most advanced technology in the world. Its construction method is unique. While constructing, send the ciol sheet of 495 mm width into the profiling station, making an confined encircling spiral protruding strip of 30-40mm width around the silo body, thus, it plays the role of increasing the strength of the silo body.
Then for two different kinds of material, the Lipp equipment can do the double folding construction.

Construction Processing Technology of Lipp Silo:
Equipment positioning:
Equipment is positioned according
to the diameter of the silo to be
Coiling the silo: Coil the silo
body to a height of 2m.
Installing the silo roof: After cutting the silo eaves with the plasma cutter, install
the roof on the horizontal line.
Silo construction and lifting: construct the silo and lift it the required height.
Back out the equipment, lower the silo and weld the silo body on the imbedded
Installing the walkway and the related equipment.
Materials Available:
A wide variety of materials are available for Lipp silos: normal steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, nickel-plated steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, alloy steel sheet, complex steel sheet, plastic-coated steel sheet, etc.
Normal steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, aluminium sheet, alloy steel sheet, chrome sheet, nickel-plated steel sheet, stick poly-steel sheet can be used to construct double-layered silos.