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Model Number: JYV-L460
Brand Name: JiYuan
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)




1. In the process of cutting board PCB, round knife slip, ensure that above the PCB electronic components do not damage because of the move.

2. the speed of the score board with four choices, and are set in the control panel knobs, trip points can be set freely with LCD display

3. In response to the V-groove depth and tool wear and tear, the distance between upper knife and below straight knife can be accurately adjusted.

4. If have the parts across the V grooves can also be achieved scoreboard.

5. Minimize stress produced during the segmentation PCB, avoid solder crack

6. Three groups of security on the photoelectric sensor and circular knife safety protection, to protect workers

7. Can be equipped with conveyor belt in accordance with the requirements, improve performance

Technical parameters:

1. The maximum score board length: standard 460mm , non-standard 1000mm

2. The sub-board speed: 100/ 200/ 300/ 500 / sec

3. Motor : DC motor 40W, speed 1800r

4. Adjustable range: front desk surface height is adjustable, After the table Angle is adjustable

5. The blade angle : 20°

6. Protective measures: three groups of photoelectric protection

7. Drive way: synchronous belt, with steel wire

8. score board thickness : 0.6-3.5mm

9. knife adjustable range : 0-10mm

10. The use of voltage : 220V

11. Machine size : 790X460x580mm

12. Start: Foot

13. Weight : 55kg