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Variety:electro galvanized hexagonal wire mesh, hot dipped galvanized hexagonal wire mesh, black hexagonal wire mesh, double-direction twisted hexagonal wire netting
material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire
features: strong structure, smooth surface,has better anti-corrosion, oxidation etc. features.
Weave:straight twist, reverse twist,double-direction twisted,galvanized after weaving, galvanized before weaving, it can divided into hot dipped galvanized,electro galvanized,pvc coated and so on.
Usage: widely used as chicken, duck, goosem rabbit and other animals cultivation fence, machine protection, highway fence, stadium fence, road greenbelt fence. after making into mesh gabion, it can fill stone to protect and support sea wall,slope,bridge,reservoir and other civil engineering, it’s the best material for preventing flood.

heavy type hexagonal wire mesh specification
mesh hole (MM) wire diameter (MM) usding wire diameter(PVC Metal Wire)/inner diameter/outer diameter max width (M)
60X80 2.0-2.8 2.0/3.0-2.5/3.5 4.3
80X100 2.0-3.2 2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 4.3
80X120 2.0-3.2 2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 4.3
100X120 2.0-3.4 2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 4.3
100X150 2.0-3.4 2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8 4.3
120X150 2.0-4.0 2.0/3.0-3.0/4.0 4.3