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The features of Car Mobile Video:
1. There is capacity of monitoring 600 sets of vehicles by the system
2. Detailed driver information.
3. Rapid position the vehicles.
4. Map linkage displaying video.
5. Enlarge and dwindle map, move map and switch map with satellite.
6. Tracking the vehicles
7. Trace playback.
8. Inter-conversation.
9. Back-end video to save
10. Back-end historical data to browse
11. Back-end timely capturing screen technique (unexpected evidence to obtain).
12. Warning linkage (Rapidly alert, emergent alert. Video-missing warning, hard disk false warning, electronic map marking where to alert, alerts to record).
13. Control front PTZ.
14. GPS upload setup.
15. Equipment remote upgrade.
16. GPS information, alarming information display.
17. Vehicle information, the number of number plate, the color of number plate. The brand of car.
The color of car. The model of car. Owner. Driver. Cell phone. Netting time. Property of using and note
18. Information about equipment to obtain and printing
19. Correct the time of front machine by GPS.
20. Count total number of online cars.
21. Sustain LED screen.

The model of device
Operating system
Embedded RTOS operating system
Video compression standard
H. 264
Preview resolution
PAL: 720X576(D1) NTSC: 720X480(D1)
Playback resolution
4CIF(6fps) DCIF(12fps)/2CIF(15fps)/CIF/QCIF
Video input
4lines, BNC(PAL/NTSC Auto_ID ;LEV: 1.0VP-P, impedance75? )
Video output
2lines, BNC(PAL/NTSC, Optional; LEV: 1.0VP-P, impedance75? )
Video frequency frame rate
32K--2M, can to transfer and custom. Top limit 8M(unit" bps)
Voice compression standard
Audio input
1line. RAC(CLEV2.0~2.4p--p, impedance" 1000? )
Audio output
1line, RAC(CLEV2.0~2.4p--p, impedance" 600? )
Type of data rate
one video or QCIF can to select
Alarm input
4lines SW sustain NO/OFF
Alarm output
1line SW or main part node output
3G Wireless transport
3G Module built in optional(EVDO, WCDMA.. TD--SCDMA)
GPS position
Built-in GPS module optional. The vehicle track can be transmitted via 3G
Data save
2.5inches SFP SATA hard disk, most capacity 2000G
Hard disk protect
technique of shock absorption reinforce hard disk
Data backup
SFP hard disk wit USB back up of MBR/wireless download
Interface of communication
1LAN and RS--485
Power management
1, Vehicle acc on/off; 2, Preset time(0-30min delay to shut down when stall)
Power input
Power output
+12V/2A. +5V/2A
Power consumption of equipment
≤ 6W(without hard disk)
Operating temperature
– 10º C~+55º C
Operating humidity
Weight of product
about 1.7kg
Equipment control
vehicle dedicate remote
Client developing
@ SDK provided;
@ DEMOs with source code provided.
Size: 216mm X 196mm X 60mm Weight: 1.7KG
Warranty Service:
- 24 months (for quality problems only)
- All products will be repaired for free if in warranty date except artifical damage.
- Preserve forever
Please contact us if you have any problem about our product.