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This machine can be used in black engine oil,and distilled catalyst for gasoline and diesel oil.Pump into the heater with Waste oil which be pretreated , through the coal (or fuel oil) heating to working temperature, after catalytic distillation, can obtain the required of gasoline and diesel oil.When the reaction of waste oil in reactor is complete,stop heating,remove residue in the tank bottom,then can be used again.
 Systems of equipment
1,reaction tank:waste oil after pretreat,pump into this tank.
2,heating system:through burn coal or fuel oil make oil temperature up to setting value,equipped with insulation system.
3,catalytic system:waste oil reach the predetermined temperature,via catalytic effect, gaseous hydrocarbons become gasoline and diesel composition.
4,cooling system:gasoline and diesel which through catalytic be condensed into a liquid material.
5,temperature control system:ensure that waste oil transform into gasoline and diesel oil.,waste oil drying by distillation.can stop heating timely.
6,exhaust gas handling system:a small amount of not liquefied gas via treated,can meet emission standards.
 ,Index of oil after treatment:
1,diesel oil : 82%.-87%
2,light fuel oil: 6-7%.
3,oil residue: 6-7%.
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