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Stainless steel hexmetal:
1.Material:stainless steel
(1)Wire Diameter:1.0-3.5mm
(2)Mesh spacing:2-6cm
(3)Nets thick:1cm-2.5cm
(4)Plate thickness:1mm-3mm
4.Surface finish:galvanized
Mud claw tortoise-shell net down significantly, and enhance the ability of anchorage and lining materials. So as to effectively enhance the lining materials own link performance, and can completely control heat insulation peeling and easy to fall off phenomenon, improve the combination of lining material fastness.
Widely used in petroleum chemical used in large device, especially to the device of main equipment of catalyst structure of the main parts of the lining, it can improve the abrasion resistance and strength of the lining, wear-resisting lining with tortoise-shell net and solid, general site with the use of carbon steel (A3F) tortoise-shell net, such as reactor and a secondary cyclone separator, U tube regenerators, pipe place, high temperature parts with alloy (1 Cr13) tortoise-shell net, such as renewable emulators, and a secondary place such as the cyclone separator. The tortoise shell network 20 * 17.5 mm steel with a hexagonal grid blunt, fixed in the nail plate heat preservation.


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