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BLT Flexitank is the leading and professional manufacturer of flexitank in China. Flexitank is an ideal alternative to store and transport all kinds of non-hazardous liquids, chemicals and foods by sea, railway and road. It can greatly cut shipping costs, increase efficiency and minimize negative environmental impact.
Our products are very popular all over the world now, that's all because of our very good quality and competitive price. Our flexitank has the following features:
-- Quality Management System:ISO9001:2000 supervision
-- Kosher Certificate 
-- Product Material: FDA,EC standard
-- Insurance: Products Reliability Insurance
-- Fast delivery world wide
-- Exactly to your specification
-- Wide range of capacity: 16000-24000 liters available
Flexitank Construction
1)  single layer and multi layers high strength LDPE/HDPE film
2)  out layer PP for flexitank
3)  alternative 2" or 3" butterfly valve & ball valve for flexitank
4)  automatic air vent to release air pressure in flexitank, and also used for sampling
Flexitank Type(flexible)
1)  top loading & discharging flexitank
2)  bottom loading & discharging flexitank
3)  top loading & bottom discharging flexitank
Flexitank Accessories:
1) 2” and 3” camlock
2)Safety pin added on flexitank valve(patented design)
3)Heating pad for discharging easy-crystalized liquids like honey, syrup, palm oil and animal oil etc from flexitank
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