Product Main


1. Functional characteristics .
1) The main power: 12V/24V DC power supply;
2) 8 high performance SCM control;
3) Two dial switch, can be used as two input points for the special-purpose function set; \
4) Two LED respectively display the power and operation status;
5) 4-channel optically isolated SCR output, can control the working voltage of AC 220V directly, the maximum output current
is 15A;
6) 4-channel optically isolated SCR output divided into two groups, can respectively wiring, each of the group can be used
to control the difference load, such as contactor, a variety of bulb, heating wire, electric motor and all kinds of
electricity load;
7) The SCR output use of specialized chip zero-crossing trigger, produced minimal harmonic, all of the SCR are having
overvoltage and overcurrent protection of the circuit and high-frequency filter circuit; enabling the system with high
stability and extremely long working life.
8) the working temperature range of the control panel is(-10~+85° C);
9) each of the SCR output panel are having specialized anti-lightning circuit;
10) there is a channel RS232 interface can conmmunicate with the computer and other host computer to constitute of a
large communication system.
11) under the circumstance of plus RS232 to RS485 module of more than one controller to constitute RS485
network communication system.
2. Specification
1) working temperature: -10~+65° C;
2) storage temperature: -20~+80° C ;
3) humidity: 5~95% non-condensing;
4) power consumption( no peripheral equipment): +24V at 0.2A( typical values)
3. Use
1) can be used to control the contactor, a variety of electric lights, heating wire, electromoter of the large power load;