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Anti riot suit of supplier

Anti riot suit is combine by full set protectors of head, hand (gloves), upper arm, shoulder & body , front chest &back ,  thigh, leg, elbow, knee, feet, aslo on the chest made of high-performance plastic.
Specification Detail:           
1. Main materials: High performance engineering Oxford cloth, Nylon, magic stick, stainless steel rivet, inside is EVA , you can use aluminum, steel, plastic on the chest .
2. Size: Height of 165cm to 190cm 
3. Weight: <7.5kg/set
4. Protect Area:
Chest, abdomen and groin: ≥ 0.1
Back: ≥ 0.1
Arms: ≥ 0.18
Legs: ≥ 0.30
5. Features
a. Anti-stab resistant Testing:
It can not be pierced when using a dagger to stab any point of the chest, back and groin parts of the anti-riot suit under 2000N of static pressure for 1 minute (≥ 20J).
b. Anti-wallop in the keys parts:  
The anti-riot suit can not be damaged with any flaw when using a steel ball of 7.5kg to impulse the chest and arms parts continuously from 163cm height (≥ 20J).
c. Anti-impact Testing:
The back and chest parts will be damaged by ≤2cm deepness by 100J energy.
d. Temperature Testing :
Performance would not be effected in circumstances of under-20º C--+55º .C 
e. Flame resistance :
Measure up to FV-2 level for protection layer, oxygen indicator over 28% .