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VA600 Multi-function Data Logger
Multi-function data logger is a new instrument designed for the actual demand of various industrial site, which integrating display, processing, records, calibration, accumulate, alarm functions etc. It can be used to measure the voltage, low current (0-24mA), high current (0 ~ 600A), temperature (thermocouple), temperature (thermal resistance RTD), etc.
· Temperature (internal NTC):
  -30~+60℃ ±1℃
· Humidity: 20~90%RH ±3%RH
· Voltage: DC 0~10V ±0.02V
    AC 0~600V ±1.0V
· Current: DC 0~24mA ±0.05mA
· Current (external clamp head):
  AC/DC 0~600A ±1~2.5%
· Temperature (external thermocouple):
  K J -200~1000℃ ±0.4%reading±1.2℃, include cold junction compensate
· Temperature (external RTD):
  PT100 -200~1000℃
  PT1000 -200~1000℃
        ±0.5%, ±0.5℃