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Access Controller with 4 Door:

Access Controller System Power Supply
12VDC 4-7A
Power Consumption of Circuit Board
Less than 100mA
Input Format of Reader
Wiegand 26 (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola , HID, EM , Mifare one etc)
Quantity of Readers
Door Controlled
Door opening time extending setting
1-600 seconds(adjustable)
Max q ' ty of controller
No limit
Remark: N denotes q ' ty of computer serial prot or q ' ty of 485hub port, support 256pcs ports
Operation Temperature
minus 40°C-70°C
Operation Humidity
10-90 % RH , No Condensation
Q ' ty of users
20,000 Users
Q ' ty of Event Buffers(offline)
100,000 event buffers
Power interruption protection measure
High Speed Memory, Records never lose
Max Distance from Reader to Controller
100m (suggestion distance 80m)
Max Distance between Controllers
RS232: Communication Distance less than 13m, suggestion distance is 3m or less
RS485: bus line max length 1200m, suggestion length 1000m or less, if expansion device added, the distance could be 3000m
TCP/IP: Depends on net coverage area
PCB board, case, power, power line, serial port communication line, software, manual, certificate, key(2pcs), carton
Alarm for long time door open, ilegal break in, intimidate