Product Main


1. A wide range of measurement

Due to its very amall outer diameter, this resistance thermometer sensor can be inserted easily into any small measuring object. It is used over a wide range of temperatures, from -200 ~ +500 centigrade.

2. Quick response

This resistance thermometer sensor has a small heat capacity due to its small size and is highly sensitive to small changes in temperature and has a quick response.

3. Simple installation

Its flexible feature(bending radius more than double the sheath outer diameter) makes for simple and on-the-spot installation into complex configurations. The whole unit, except for the 70mm at the tip, can be bent to fit.

4. Long life span

Contrary to conventional resistance thermometer sensors which have a deterioration of resistance value with age or open circuits, etc. resistance thermometer sensor lead wires and resistance elements are insulated with chemically stable magnesium oxide, thus assuring a very long service life.


5. Excellent mechanical strenth, and vibration resistance

High performance is assured even under unfavorable conditions such as when used in vibrating installations, or in corrosive atmospheres.