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Calcium Aluminate Cement CA60:
1.has passed ISO certificate
2.high refractoriness
3.good high temperature resistance property

Calcium Aluminate Cement,High Alumina Cement,Refractory Cement,CA60
Calcium aluminate cement CA60 is a manufatured from raw materials which are high quality limestone and bauxite.The raw materials is to be mixed according to suitable ratio and then to be heated to partly-fused clinker in the rotary kiln.After cooling,the cement clinkers are ground to cement.Then content of Al2O3 is controlled in 58~62%.The principal compound in the cement is CA2 and CA.It has higher refractoriness.The refractoriness of pure cement paste is 1500°c.
Calcium aluminate cement CA60 is widely used for making various furnaces and high temperature equipment in metallurgical,chemical industry,petrollic industry,electrical industry.It is specially used for making bulk refractory materials.
chemical composition:
SiO2,% 5.0~8.0
Al2O3,% 58.0~65.0
Fe2O3,% 1.5~2.5
CaO,% 17.0~25.0
R2O <0.4
Initial setting time:≥60min
Final setting time:≤18h
Comperssive strength:20Mpa(1d),45Mpa(3d),85Mpa(28d)
Modulus of rupture:2.5Mpa(1d),5Mpa(3d),10Mpa(28d)