Product Main


* Ready to mount. Step Plate eliminates double-nutting.
* Diagnostic circuit-LED. indicates the reason for service,allowing for quick,easy trouble-shooting.
 * Primary wiring requirements of a NON-SCGEP-with the added safety of secondary ground fault protection.
 * Service button-for easy troubleshooting of ground faults and primary wiring problems.Overrides the SCGFP for up to 30 minutes.
 * Open circuit protection-when the no-loading output and even if connected to the input power or any loading tube is damaged,with the role of protector,there will be no voltage output in the terminal power.
 * Secondly circuit ground fault protection(SCGFP)-disables unit upon detection of arcs to ground in compliance with UL2161 and NEC requirements.
* The earth leakage protection-when have the leakage,protector will transient response.
 * Easy wiring methods-virtual ground and series wiring methods
* User friendly-Adapts to most grounding situations.
 * Bypass voltage or super lower voltage protecting function.
 * Can be used in flashing/dimming applications. Features: - UL 2161 standard. - Ground-fault protection. - Open circuit protection. - No mercury migration or "jelly-bean" effect. - Optional with built-in dimming switch. Environmental Specifications : - Operating temperature: -25℃~+40℃ - Cooling: Convection - Indoor type 7 for dry or damp location Certificates & Standards : - UL 2161