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Fire Sleeve -- Silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeve protects hoses, cables and wires from molten metal splash, high heat hazards and occasional exposure to flame, in steel plants,glass plants, foundries, cutting and welding shops and wherever hoses, cables and wires may be exposed to high heat or occasional flame. Fire Sleeve also may be used to insulate your race cars plumbing system.

     Silicone Fiberglass Fire Sleeve is manufactured from high bulk braided fiberglass sleeving and coated with a custom compounded silicone rubber designed to form a protective barrier and extend the life of hydraulic lines, hoses, wires and cables in areas of extreme heat exposure in hazardous environments.
    Excellent modulus of elasticity makes this product an optimal choice for bundling hoses, tubes and cables in a variety of hostile environments.


Silicone Fiberglass Fire Sleeve - Quick Facts
Size ( Inside Diameter)
Available from 1/4” (6.5 mm) up to 5” (127 mm) ID.
Custom colours available by special order.
Continuous operating temp
500°F (260°C)
Max short term exposure
3000°F (1650°C)
Molten splash resistance
Flame resistance
Very good
Abrasion resistance
Very good