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MAPP GAS physical property:
Actual burning temperature: Approach to 3600 F
The full burning time: Nearly 2hours and 40mins
Scientific blend proportion and good flame to guarantee good welding result and shorten working time
Pressure(psig)110 psig, at temperature 20 C
Portable for using

Welding Hand Torch property:
High Performance, Low energy consumption.
2. Electronic auto-ignition; Get highest flame temperature fleetly.
3. Air- oxidizing, without additional oxygen cylinders.
4. Flame focus, adjustable flame.
5. CGA600 standard.
6. Portable for using.
7. Using Mapp gas, propane, Mapp/pro, propane, liquefied petroleum gas and butane gas as gas source. Widely used in air-conditioning installation, maintenance; Refrigerator maintenance