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granite grave tombstone monument
tombstones and monuments are made of granite, one of the hardest, most durable naturally occurring stones. Granite can be found throughout the world in a variety of colors. These are a few of the most common that are used for monuments and memorials.
True black granite monuments possibly have the most stylish look of any of the granite monument colors. It also provides the most versatility in designing and engraving. Because of
 this, we can inscribe anything that a cemetery will allow, including a photograph of your loved one.
Technical and Physical Characteristics
Bulk density: 2,800 - 3,040 kg/dm3
Compression breaking load: 350 N/mm2
Water absorption: 0,327 vol-%
Detailed Product Description
1) Low water absorption
2) Hard with excellent weather durability
3) Popular colored, ideal memorial material
4) Finishes: highly polished
5) Packing
Inner Packing: Foam box or carton
Outer Packing: Wooden crate
6) Types & Size: as requested with drawings.