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Newest Peephole Viewer with AV output function
Features of Peephole Viewer:
3.5 inch TFT Screen
Automaticly take photos of visitors
Monitor and don' t disturb
AV output auto
Wide view angle 150degree
Saving-power design
DIY installation
More easy , more Safe to view who is outside
Why to use it?
Effective solution to the elders poor eyesight
Effective solution to the kids not tall enough
Effective solution to the dange of being anti-peep
Where to use it ?
99% family , Door Manufactuer , Hotel Industry , Secucity Industry
1. Peephole barrel (diameter) :12-30mm
2. Fits any door: 42-72 or 60-90mm( thickness )
3. Screen will automaticly be in sleep model after 10seconds Once press monitor button.
4. Monitor outside anytime when press monitor button, each time will automaticlly take photo.
5. Built-memory , cantake 100pcs photoes , Cycle replacement
6. When visitor press call button , screen automaticly turn on and take photo .
7. Press UP/DOWN key to view photoes any time. Or Select preview mode in menu , it will enter the slide mode to play automaticlly .
8. Menu seting(menu adjustment include: brightness adjustment, contract adjustment, color adjustment, languages election, date, time, photo' s checking, delete photoes)
9.3pcs AA battery , support to view outside for more than 1200times.
10. " Don' t disturb" function :In sleep model, long hold monitor button for about 10seconds, red led light at right bottom of screen will flash, successfully set don' t disturb“ function . In " don' t disturb' model, when anyone press call button , no ring sound , no view outside. Cancel' don' t disturb' : long hold for about 10seconds until screen turn on with video
Components included:
Peephole viewer
Based Flange
Peephole lens
Peephole Barrels
AV Signal Converters
English manual instruction [AA Battery is excluded]
1. Wiring Diagram of Installation
Ø Picture A is outdoor installation effect
Ø Picture B is outdoor installation effect , AV line should install along the door frame and the corner to near to television.
Ø Picture C is outdoor installation effect, AV line should install through thread device, but there should have a thread device on the door first .
Ø The above installation just as reference.
2. Output Wire
Ø Product' s AV line is use RVV signal output wire like the picture, specification of the wire is 4.8MM*2.6MM . And small wire can make the installation more easier.
Ø The RVV wire: 0.2MM square. Used distance: about 20 meter.
3. Installation
Description of Components:
A: Camera lens (Installed on the outside of the door to take a photo when visitor ring bell. )
B: Indoor monitor . (Installed on the inside of the door for viewing visitor, and used to adjust some parameter in the product. )
C: Signal converter (Used to analyze the signal from the product and output them to TV. )
D: TV top box.
E: TV (Television. )
F: Power (Used to supply power to signal converter and the digital peephole viewer. )
Connection instructions :
A---B (The camera lens and indoor monitor are separated to install on the outside and inside of the door. )
B---C(Indoor monitor output the signal to the signal converter, and the signal Converter supply power to the
display section. )
D---C (TV top box input the video data to the signal converter. )
D---E (TV top box input the audio data to the TV. )
C---E (Signal converter input the signal of AV line to TV. )
F---C (Supplied power to the signal converter.