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RFIDAnimal ID transponder Syringe

Animal ID Transponder Syringe contains the syringe body and the Hitag-S256 Tag, which is specially designed for the management of the animal raising and butchering. It meets the international standard of animal identification. It is designed and produced on the imported high-level chips and it can be served to read and write, and also has a unique design of data security. In the animal raising and butchering, it can trace the animal’s identification by using our company’s readers together.

Tag Standard
ISO11784/5 FDX-B
Syringe Colour
Tag Type
Hitag-S256, R/W
Syringe Sterilization
EO gas
Tag Length
12.0mm ± 0.4mm
Syringe Length
120mm ± 2mm
Tag Diameter
2.12mm ± 0.1mm
Syringe Width
50mm ± 1mm
Tag Frequency
Period of Validity
>10 years
Protection Standard
Syringe Material
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +50°C
Operating Temperature
0°C to 50°C
International Committee for Animal Recording(ICAR)
Industry leading read distance - up to several feet*
Ensures security in livestock management programs
Guaranteed to last the life of the animal.
Designed to protect technology inside.
100% performance guaranteed
ICAR Approved
International Committee for Animal Recording, the worldwide organization of animal recording and productivity evaluation.
ISO Compliant
Conforms to standards established by the International Organization for Standardization. The world's largest developer of standards.
A pc of our ZS001 Animal ID Transponder Syringe contains a syringe body, a needle, a microchip, six bar-code stickers, a printed pouch.
Electronic File
ICAR approved ID numbers in electronic file
Sterilization for all the parts by EO gas
Reading distance
Reading distance varies greatly per application due to reader quality & environmental factors
Each unit in a pouch, every twenty pouches in a transparent plastic bag, and eighty bags in one carton box of 67cm*50cm*51cm
Fofia’s Handheld LF PT180 reader can read ISO compliant chips and transfer the data to PC via Bluetooth.