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Wholesale AC Powered Natural Gas Detector
Well Protected Home LPG LNG Natural Gas Alarm
FEATURES of Gas Detector:
l Detect all sorts of combustible gases, natural gas (methane), bottled gas (propane), LPG (Liquefied petroleum Gas), LNG (Liquefied natural gas), coal gas, including town gas.
L Easy to install, mounting bracket included.
L Loud 80dB alarm and LED warning light.
L High quality durable sensor.
L Self diagnostic function by MCU intelligent software.
L Excellent reliability & High stability.
L Ideal for all kitchens.
Unit Dimensions: 120mm (H) x 72 mm (W) x 42 mm (D)
Color: Ceiling White
Operating Temperature: -10° C to +50° C
Ambient Humidity: ≤ 95% RH
Alarm Horn: 80dB
Operating Voltage: AC110V , or AC220V, or DC9-28V
Power Consumption: < 1.5W (Standby), < 5W (Alarm)
Value of Detection Threshold (Lower Explosive Limit):
LNG Gas: 7500ppm (15%LEL)
LPG Gas: 2000ppm (10%LEL)
(The default setting is LNG, select by JP3 on PCB board. )
Alarm: Red LED with 80dB alarm
Warm Up Time: approximately 45 Seconds
Alarm Output: Relay Output (2A@DC24V, 1A@220VAC)
(Only for relay output Module)
Accessories: Plastic mounting bracket
Mounting screws with anchors