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This products support read SD card, u play MP3 features (many businesses do of no u features), full features wireless remote control manager control, super sensitive vibration sense anti-theft alarm features (can listen audio also has anti-theft, thief can't again rampant has), power memory play features, power play last songs/radio, full automatically search FM radio features (many businesses do of no radio features), USB jack can for phone charging, work voltage: DC12-15 volt (do not errors received than 15V of voltage, Burning machine not insurance), high-power amplifier: 10W*2 (many businesses do of is small power, volume small, sound poor, this baby power mega-, adjustable half volume arrived had other manufacturers maximum of volume, so sound earthquake regrets, stamina full), apart from high-power output outside, also has headset plug hole output, can add-ins bass gun, PA machine, meet different of needs., 3 inch Big Horn of bright color transparent speaker, moved fashion (online with lantern of are is 2.5 small Horn of, and only with volume flashing, brightness low, didn't pattern), Long press lock button to start the bright features, exclusive technologies!