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Combined SPDs are multiple function SPDs which can provide power supply protection, signal protection and/or antenna feeding protection. Generally, a combined SPD consists of two parts: Power supply protection and signal protection. Combined SPDs are usually used in cell station, network equipment, etc.
1. Space-saving and convention for installation&maintenance
2. Adopt metal seal enclosure
3. Easy for connection
4. Waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, explosion-proof, flame retardant and electromagnetic shielding functions
5. Serial protection circuit of two stages, good protection performance and very low residual voltage
Model D05J4-24
Max continuous operating voltage 5V
Nominal discharge current (8/20µs) 3kA
Max discharge current (8/20µs) 5kA
limiting Voltage Line-ground ≤20V
Response time (ns) 1ns
Adapt transmission rate (Mbps) 100Mbps
Insertion loss (dB) ≤0.5dB
Protection form(four lines/way) 1/2,3/6
Connector type RJ45
Dimension(no grounding line) (mm) Standard 19 inches
 Working conditions Temperature: -40~+85 degree, Relative humidity: ≤95%