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 Plastic Card Laminator YLL-26B 420×520
Feature Description
It is controlled by Programmable logic controller with intelligent man-machine interface touch screen for easy operation. Many types of lamination parameters can be automatically saved;
Pressure supply is realized by two motors and two oil pumps for very high reliability;
It is specially designed for massive lamination of various cards including contactless cards and INLAY sheets.
Unique 4-cylinder automatic leveling hydraulic system is applied to ensure smooth operation and even pressure. 
Automatic lamination parallelism adjustment is available.
The big size cooling parallel loop is specially designed to ensure better cooling effect.  The laminating plates are specially processed to be rustproof.   
Grade lamination (1-10 grades) is available and the pressure in each grade can be freely set.
The pressure and temperature control module is applied to ensure higher control precision.
If the working laminator power supply is accidentally off, the operator can open the laminating plates manually to minimize unnecessary losses;
The heating tower is installed with external thermal insulation housing to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly lamination.  
Technical Parameters
1. Max. Speed: 7000 cards per hour (4×8 layout)
2. PVC sheet layout: 5×5, 3×8, 4×8
3. Laminating plate size: 420×520mm
4. Daylight number/distance: 6 daylight 2 tower/50mm
5. Pressure precision: +/-0.1Mpa
6. Work pressure: 0-16Mpa (adjustable).
7. Temperature control precision: +/-1 C. degree
8. Heating temperature:  no more than 200 C. degree
9. Power: 23 KW (Maximum)
10. Power supply: AC380V 50/60HZ 3 phase 5 wires
11. Dimension: 2500mm×1200mm×1800mm
12. Gross weight: 3200 kg.