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Non-lamination Plastic Card Material
The material is being widely used for simple and economic solution in making plastic cards, and there is no need of long-time hot and cool lamination. It features double-side printable, high print definition and image fidelity, good bonding strength, suitable for small-order card production.
One set of non-lamination card sheets consists of three sheets-front printing sheet, middle sheet and back printing sheet.
The usual thickness combination among the three sheets lies in the following models:
Model A:  Front printing sheet 0.18mm thick + middle sheet 0.44mm thick + back printing sheet 0.18mm= 0.8mm thick card sheet.
Model B:  Front printing sheet 0.25mm thick + middle sheet 0.30mm thick + back printing sheet 0.25mm= 0.8mm thick card sheet.
Normal Size: 200*300mm