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Plastic Card Laminator YLL-23A4 230*315
Feature Description
It features mature technology with high reliability and efficiency.
It is specially designed for small card factory use.
It is controlled by smart digital control mode with easy operation and high precision.
Its hydraulic cylinder diameter is bigger to ensure even lamination force.
Automatic lamination parallelism adjustment is available.
The big size cooling parallel loop is specially designed to ensure better cooling effect.   
Technical Parameters
1. Speed: 1000 cards per hour
2. PVC sheet layout: 2×5
3. Laminating plate size: 230×315mm
4. Daylight number/distance: 3 daylight 3 tower/30mm
5. Pressure precision: +/-0.5×
6. Work pressure: 0-16Mpa.
7. Temperature control precision: +/-2.5℃
8. Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ 1phase 3 wires
9. Dimension: 1200mm×600mm×1200mm
10. Gross weight: 1000 kg.